Let’s face it: moving is not an easy task. In fact, a lot of homeowners who relocated from one location to another could testify how the moving preparation takes out the excitement of relocating. And this activity can get more difficult if you forgot to do something or left an important item behind.

To prevent such a disaster from happening, be sure not to forget these important items and include them in your ‘moving checklist’:

  • Credentials and documents


More often than not, homeowners are too focused on big furnishings when they are planning their move and packing their things. Small but important items like papers and documents take a back seat since they are not as visible. As a result, these confidential items are misplaced or left behind in previous locations. Be sure to pack these items first. Gather and complete confidential papers and put them in a plastic envelope for protection. Do not include them in boxes headed for storage. Although storage companies in Dubai allow documents to be stored in their facilities, it would be best if you have these with you when you arrive in your new location.

  • Prescriptions and medications


Another thing that homeowners forget are their prescription medicines, thinking that they can simply buy new ones once they’ve settled in. But remember, you will still need to familiarize yourself with the place first, including looking for a trusted physician and pharmacy. Not packing your prescription medicine might put you and your family at risk, in case you need them. Put them in a bag or a small box and take them with you. Do not include them in boxes for temporary storage.


  • Recent mail and subscriptions


Although this is not as important as your confidential documents, you still need to bring your latest mail and subscriptions with you for safety purposes. Leaving them lying around your previous location would be risky. You might be giving some people an opportunity to use your identity and know important details about your life that they can use for identity theft.


  • Small furnishings


Although movers in Dubai advise not to bring all items with you to your new location, there are small but important furnishings that you might forget to include on your list. Be sure to go over all your belongings and double-check each item when categorizing them. As moving experts advise, bring items that are most useful to you, no matter how small they are.